March 2002
Volume 3, Issue 3
Editor's Letter

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Dear Readers:

Welcome to the spring issue of Polymer Clay Polyzine. And spring is just around the corner. That's weird, since winter never really happened, at least not here in Baltimore.

With spring comes new growth, etc., and we are growing too. You write to us, we listen and improve.

Improvements to the magazine include a better "Previous Issues" section. We've added the table of contents to each of the previous issues, and during March we will add a search feature so you can hunt for articles by keyword.

We've also added a question and answer column. Every month, Deborah Hayes and I are inundated with questions about where to find products, what a term means, and how to contact various people.

We are delighted to answer these questions. The ones that seem more rudimentary Deborah handles, and I get to handle everything else.

Where do you come in with all of this? Well, we encourage you to send us your questions, certainly, but more importantly, we encourage you to send in your answers. If you have something to add, don't hesitate to write to us! Also, there are many questions we can't answer, so we post them with the hope that you will help our reader out.

Along with the Polymer Clay People list, Polymer Clay Haven, Glass Attic, and Polymer Clay Central, we want to help connect polymer clay people.

Well, enjoy the magazine this month! We have some great articles about HIA and Donna Kato's new clay, as well as neat springtime projects -- a wonderful multi-colored swirly cane and really terrific rabbit elastic bands.