August 2002
Volume 3, Issue 8
Questions and Answers

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Dear Polyzine:

I'm going to New York in September and wondered if there was anywhere I could find supplies, books, etc?

Marian Nyman

Hi Marian:

Thanks for writing to Polyzine. I've forwarded your message to the New York Polymer Clay Guild. I'm sure they will be able to send you to all the best places for polymer clay in New York!

As well as supplies, you should find out what galleries carried works by polymer clay artists. I understand there are several in New York that specialize in polymer clay -- you could really get a eyeful!

Have a wonderful trip,

Dear Editor,

In the July Q & A, someone asked about transferring letters so they were "right-reading"; you told them about the mirror image option when printing out. I do that when using laser prints, but you can also get reverse reading letters by using transparency film.

Just copy onto the film, then turn it over to make the transfer copy. I show this in all my classes for calligraphers, so they can use their own lettering without scanning it in.

And thanks for a great on-line magazine!

Dear Editor:

I love your e-zine (who doesn't?) and have checked through all the back issues for new tips and ideas. I was wondering if you have considered making an index of the articles and various topics in the Beginners Corner for us?

Or maybe incorporate some sort of search feature on your web site? It sure would make it easier to see what has or has not been covered by someone already!


Dear Diane:

Thank you for the wonderful ideas. We hadn't thought of an index for the Beginners' Corner.

Currently we haven't figured out how to write the search code (it's on the list of things to do), so the quickest way to search our site is to go to Using the advanced search, plug in your search terms and also tell Google to search only

It's a great tool, and it's helped me a number of times when I've been searching for an article I know is in Polyzine, but I just can't find!

Until we get the search function running, I hope this helps!



Just wanted to jump in with my two cents' worth [regarding the creation of a manageable mailing list].

Barb, I do some very limited mailings, and had the same problem, so I copied and pasted all the addresses on the list to a Word document, separated by comma only. It is very east to delete a name or otherwise update to this document. Then when addressing the email, I simply open the document and cut and paste the entire list into the BCC field. It's low tech, quick and dirty, but is pretty effective.

I appreciate all the great tips and sharing that goes on in this 'zine.

Jeannie Bench
Mind, Dancing


I was wondering where to find good images of butterfly wings?

Thank You~

Dear Louisa:

It depends on what kind of images you are looking for -- do you want color or black and white? For either, I suggest you go to the Altavista search engine and do a search for +"butterfly wings" in the IMAGE search section. You will get lots of images of butterfly wings there.

To use them with polymer clay, you need to either have a color or black and white laser printer or transfer paper. You can also print them using an ink jet printer, then take them to your local copy store and have them printed using a laser copier.



I am looking for a source that sells the butterfly cane slicer. I went to the polymersuppliesonline site but could not send them a e-mail.

Thank you in advance,


Dear Lauren:

The only place I could find the butterfly cane slicers was at caneguru's Butterfly Cane Slice site, but according to the note posted there, they aren't shipping any due to illness. Since the note was posted in 2000, it appears to me that that source for the Butterfly Cane Slicer is closed.

Can anyone hook Lauren up with a butterfly cane slicer?



In reading one of the questions from the June 2002 issue I found the one from Val concerning transferring images.

I have been doing more and more with transferred images and have found that for me at least the brand of clay used makes a very big difference. In this regard I have been frustrated to no end with Premo (I can do it when the weather is dry, but with the humidity we get here in the summer it is nearly impossible), but have found that Cernit and Kato clay work extremely well.

Thank you for all of the info!



It's easy to get Altoids boxes without buying them. For some reason, people who eat Altoids can't seem to throw away the tins, even though they can't think of anything to do with them. Just buy a few tins, cover them nicely, take them to work, and announce that you'll trade a finished box for "x" number of tins (I ask for 6 but usually get more than that).

You'll be drowning in tins before you know it!

Beth Curran

Dear Polyzine:

I've been making translucent beads (see the Chrysanthemum Cane) for a while, and just recently I've switched to Kato clay. For some reason, I can't get the Kato translucent to shine up nicely, like Premo and Fimo do.

Do any of your readers have an suggestions? I've sanded through all the grits, buffed my heart out, etc.


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