November 2002
Volume 3, Issue 11 
Peacock Feather Cane
By Jean Sheppard
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Step Twenty One: 
 Pick up your cane and turn the flat side toward you with the dark end on the bottom side and the light end up as shown above. Grip the left and right sides and pull them apart to reduce  (elongate) your feather cane. Make it about the same length as your
 "eye" cane. With your thumb, make a depression in the dark area as shown above where the "eye" cane will go.
Step Twenty Two:
From the end, your cane should look like this, with a hollowed out area...
Step Twenty Three:
Continue reducing until the feather is twice the length of your "eye" cane, then cut the feather into two sections. Lay the "eye" cane into the depression in one section of the clay.
Step Twenty Four:
Be sure to check which end is up when you add the "eye" cane! You want the "frog" in the horseshoe shape to face the bottom of the feather cane as shown here.
Step Twenty Five: 
Press the components together starting at one end, and trying not to capture any air inside the cane.  Then squash the feather into a plump rounded triangle shape as
Here is a slice of the finished Peacock Feather!
These are examples of what you can use the peacock canes for.
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