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An Ornament for The White House
Barb Lewis
Editor's Note: Barb Lewis is an artist in other mediums besides polymer clay. This ornament was made of various materials.

In June '01, I was asked by the Missouri Arts Council office if I would like to make an ornament for the 2001 Official White House Christmas Tree.  The Missouri Arts Council was asking on behalf of the Governor's office. All of our Governors were asked by Mrs Bush to donate 4 ornaments from their state.

I said yes...of course :-)

Then I received the 'guidelines' from the White House  for the ornaments. The theme would be Home For The Holidays. Make a miniature replica of any historic building in  your state. Had to be all white. Had to weigh under 8ozs. Had to have a gold string or ribbon for hanging. Had to have the name prominently  displayed on the front.

 All of these little houses went on the Official White House Christmas Tree in the Blue Room. Then on all of the mantels and side tables throughout  the White House, there were scale models of past presidents homes crafted by  the White House staff.

It was very cool.
Photograph of original home and framework of ornament
Finished and furnished
©Barb Lewis