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"Melt My Heart" Penguin
Part Three
By Laure Estep
Step Seventeen:
Attach the feet, pressing them so the fatter flipper ends stick out beyond the belly.  Angle the feet so the heels meet in a point underneath the body.
Step Eighteen:
Take a 1/2" ball of cadmium red and roll it into a log 2" long.  Flatten it with a rolling pin or mid setting on the pasta machine to 4 1/2" long and 3/8" wide.  Trim with knife or blade.  Texture the scarf with short horizontal strokes  from your pointed tool.  Wrap the strip around the  penguin's neck with the ends off to the left side.  Fold the back end over the front end to look like a knot. Arrange the tails to look like they are fluttering. Attach the wings by pressing them to the shoulders just below the scarf.
Step Nineteen:
Use a 3/4" ball of cadmium red.  Using your fingers hollow out one end and stretch it to a 1" opening.  Pinch and roll the opposite end to a point.  Place on the penguin with the pointy tip off to the right rear.  (photo 21)  Create a cuff by flattening a 3/8" ball of the red rolled out like the scarf.  Texture it with vertical strokes from the pointed tool.  wrap around the head to cover where the  hat meets the head.  Position it so the seam where the ends meet is in the back under the folded point.
Step Twenty:
Place the sign in the penguin's arms so it crosses his body and the sign is over his right shoulder.  Wrap his wings around it to hold it in place.  Use your finger to tap a bit of pink blush onto his cheeks.
Step Twenty One: Give him a tiny kiss of love atop his little round head, and find a place for this  heart stealer to live!
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Copyright 2002 Laure Estep