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Translucent Liquid Sculpey Light Switch Cover
 by SqueakieCat

  • Light Switch Covers (plastic, unbreakable)
  • Pearl Ex in neat colors
  • TLS (Translucent Liquid Sculpey)
  • Toothpicks/craft sticks (for mixing)
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Cookie Cutters (deep ones work best, like the metal ones shown)
  • Ceramic tile(s) to work on
  • Future acrylic floor finish (optional)
  • Soft Brush (optional)
  • Styrofoam block, just enough to rest the cover on

Click on thumbnails to see larger images
Step One
Spread the TLS with a popsicle stick all over the light switch cover.  Mine's thick enough that it spreads like cake icing.
Step Two
Carefully press some cookie cutter shapes onto the ďicedĒ light switch cover.
Step Three
Add a little bit more TLS if you need, to aide in the mixing.
Then add a bit of Pearl Ex to the inside.
Step Four
Press down firmly to hold one cookie cutter still.  Use a toothpick or another tool to gently mix the Pearl Ex with the TLS inside the cutter.  Donít worry if a tiny bit seeps out.  Spread it smooth and repeat with other cutters remaining
Step Five
Choose another shade of Pearl Ex for the background.  (The area outside of the cutters.) Sprinkle the Pearl Ex around and mix gently.  Press the cutters firmly to mix around them, pushing the color up to the outside edge of switch cover and against the cutter sides.
Step Six
Clean those screw holes! Break a cotton swab in half.  Press carefully and spin the tip and pull straight up. Set aside and repeat on all the holes until theyíre cleaned enough for the screws later on.
Step Seven
Time to carefully remove the cutters. One at a time, slowly and gently pull the cutters up and away from the switch cover.  Donít worry if the colors get a bit sloppy, weíll fix it in the next few steps!
Step Eight
Hereís how it looks after the cutters are removed. The edges of the designs are a bit messy. Use a clean toothpick and gently trace along the edge of the colors to smooth them out.  Pull the colorized areas where you need them to make the images look crisp.
Step Nine
This is the last chance to check that the holes are cleaned, the colors are where you want them and that the TLS actually covers the entire light switch cover edge to edge. Once you bake it, itís set.  Cleaning the holes out after a baking isnít fun.
Step Ten
Now you have a choice.  Stop here and leave it not shined.  Hang it up in place of a plain switch cover in your home.  Or.. proceed to Step Eleven!
Step Eleven
Time to shine it up!
Set the baked (and cooled) cover on the Styrofoam.  Be sure itís steady since youíll be painting on it and will need to leave it sitting to dry afterwards.
Put a tiny bit of Pearl Ex in one of the lids and add a little bit of Future Floor Wax.  Stir that really well with a toothpick.   It wonít take much of either the wax or Pearl Ex. Paint the Future/PearlEx color mixture onto the matching color on the cover. Mix the remaining colors and continue until each area is painted and the entire thing is covered.  Let that dry and repeat once more.

Dry completely and hang on the wall

©2003 Squeakie Cat