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Masks and Hands
By Raina Imig
Talisman Gallery
 This year I have been engaged in an amazing Project. 50+ plaster gauze masks  were made on the faces of children with cancer and on Chemo Pals, their  trained adult volunteers. These life sized masks were  then decorated with  polymer clay. There is an exhibition in Portland Oregon Saturday September 21st, 2002.
 I first started using Sculpey back in 1993 to make beads. Since I worked at the hospital with very sick kids, I started teaching them to make beads, which they love. I wrote a grant to bring art to the Children's Cancer Association. This Project grew more ambitious than I could handle, and I went on the net for help.
Thanks to Leigh Ross, Donna Kato, Sarajane Helm, Kris Richards, the Clay Factory of Escondido, and many many others, for their donations of product, canes, advice, technical support, and hand  holding !!

Raina Imig

"Masks and  Hands”  Art Show by Children and Chemo Pals of the Children's Cancer Association (CCA)
 Project Artist:  Raina Imig
 With a grant from RACC Regional Arts and Culture Council
 During CCA Annual Celebration of Courage
 Saturday September 21st, 2002
Portland, Oregon
PROJECT ARTIST RAINA IMIG:  A  member of Talisman Gallery,  http://www.talismangallery.com, the artist received funding for this Project thanks to a grant from RACC. In addition many volunteer hours were contributed by the artist.
Art Show
Children undergoing chemotherapy have  created polymer clay Life Masks based on plaster models of their own faces, with the help of their adult volunteers, the Chemo Pals. Pals are specially trained by the Children’s Cancer Association, to be the children’s companions during treatment for cancer. The Chemo Pals also created masks based on their own faces. Some children made and decorated clay outlines of their hands. After the Masks and Hands were made the Project Artist also completed the finishing and baking. Over 30 Masks and Hands will be exhibited in pairs as  part of the CCA’s Celebration of Courage.
RACC: Regional Arts and Culture Council
Through vision, leadership and service, RACC works to integrate art and culture into all aspects of community life. After this Exhibition, the Masks will become a touring exhibit for the Children’s Cancer Association.
CHILDREN’S CANCER ASSOCIATION (CCA): was co-founded by Director Regina Ellis in memory of her daughter Alexandra. CCA is dedicated to supporting the lives of children and their families while they experience life threatening illness, with art, music, information and compassion. 
To volunteer for their Chemo Pals Program, contact
Children's Cancer Association
This Exhibition is the result of a year long art project designed and taught by Portland artist Raina Imig to honor the courage of children with cancer and to bring the joy of creativity into their lives at this difficult time. Imig is a watercolorist who also teaches Mandala, Drawing and Painting through Portland Community College. Originally from India, she has lived in Portland for 19 years, the last 8 in the Alberta Street arts area. She collected donations of products, time, talent, space and expertise from over 50 artists, businesses and volunteers.