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Using a Clay Gun
Gabriele "Dukky" Curlett

I've been saving scraps of clay from projects, cane ends, or things that just didn't work out for about a year now.  I sort them into paper bowls by color family.
On Christmas morning I finally got an idea as to what to do with them. The only tools I've used are a clay gun and a craft knife with a flat-topped blade. I pick up a bunch of scraps, roll them into a snake and then extract it through the ribbon die of the clay gun. 
I then slice off very small slivers of the clay with the blade and lay it on a sheet of clay that will be used to cover something later or I lay it on a piece of baked clay already cut into the shape I want.  This is accomplished all in one motion.  Cut, leave the slice on the blade and then use the blade to position the sliver of clay.
The design you end up with is determined by the way you lay down the slice. I've only used the ribbon die so far but I'm sure that you can do this with any of the dies that come with the clay gun.
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