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Using Scrap Clay

Fiesta Pins
Judi Weers
Cardinal Creations

In San Antonio, we have a 10-day celebration mid April called Fiesta.  Almost every group involved makes pins and medals to sell and/or trade.   It's quite a deal to see how many you can obtain and wear around during Fiesta.
I started using my scrap pieces for my "trading pins".   I use small cookie cutters or make my own in designs that work with Fiesta. Each year is a different shape. Mix different pieces of  scrap, roll out, cut, bake then glue a pin on the back.  When one bit of clay begins getting too mixed, I add another color or scrap combination.  Each pin is one-of-a-kind and they are a great hit.  I've managed to get some really special pins in trade, too.

Bottles Of Hope
Peggy O'Neill

"I've used scrap clay on Bottles  of Hope and beads.
They are very colorful marbleized bottles and the ones with silver and gold embellishments on them."

Jeanne Rhea

Jeanne creates surreal and beautiful "landscapes". She does this by scraping the colorful scraps of soft clay from beneath her pasta machine and laying them onto slabs of clay.