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March 2003 Wreath Project
San Diego Polymer Clay Guild
Bug Wreath

Click here for pictures of the SDPCG Wreath Project

How the Wreath Project Works:
Any member of a guild or other clay group becomes interested in one or more of the proposed wreath projects and offers the idea to that group. A vote is then taken on which project to do. One or two people are designated as collectors of the items to go onto the wreath. This person or people is responsible for collecting items, names to go with the items and getting them safely to the meeting or Clay Day to assemble the wreath.

The group will decide what type of wreath to use, and there are no limits to the type of materials used,  and where the funds for materials will come from. Any member may donate or make a wreath to be used, or the group as a whole may delegate funds to be used from a treasury or take up a collection.

The article is not hard to write. We will even help you write it. Remember who assembled the wreath, take pictures of this happening, include minor and major disasters, funny stories and the like. Group pictures are welcome. Individual pictures of the items are recommended, but we can take them from several large, high quality images of the finished wreath if necessary. If you would like to include a tutorial on the assembly of the wreath, that would be very appropriate and welcome!

  Once the wreath is assembled, it is up to each guild to decide what will be done with it. Suggestions: raffle at group meeting, enter into a fair or show, make it a door prize at a holiday gathering, donate it to a charity, auction  on eBay for group funds, or donate it to pcPolyzine to be sold!

Here are the themes I will be proposing for 2003:

March (Austin Guild) Buttons Taken
April Eggs OR Flowers  
May Mother's Day OR Tea Party  
June At the Beach OR Shoes  
July Quilt  South Texas
August Hawaiian Sweet 16  
September For Teacher OR Dollhouse   
October Fall Leaves OR Halloween  
November Winter Veggies OR Thanksgiving  
December Snowflakes  San Antonio
Any month that says "Proposed" is in process at a guild. Month specified refers to the month that the article is due to pcPolyzine.

If you have a group that would be interested in participating, email IR.