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Elizabeth Workroom2a New Baskets and stackers.
Elizabeth Workroom2a Moved most of the tools off of the table......
.... and into the little rolling cart. The table has only the things that I use all the time. The things I reach for nearly as often whether claying or stamping are now in the rolling cart. This gives me tons of free space on the table - I can do clay stuff or paper stuff without running out of elbow room. 
                        Workroom3a Replaced that student desk!
I pulled the dark desk out of this corner and it holds instead - tada! - four tall stackers with lots of "stuff" neatly organized! Most of the inks are in the back corner - the white stackers contain the things I use the most with clay - cutters, texture, button molds, pulvers & powders, foils, stamps, oil paints, acrylic paints, Pinata inks, finishes. 
                        Workroom4a Starting on the left side ...
Rolling stackers filled with tools I don't use very often, Millefiori canes, Mokume Gane pads, blended sheets, etc. Then two stackers with unwrapped clay sorted by color family. Paper stock, grids, sheets of glass, then a tall stacker full of paints, pastels, foils and two drawers of mica powders. 
                        Workroom5a Utility cart full of jewelry stuff ...
Beads, wire, glues, beads, jewelry tools, storage containers and did I mention beads?
                        Workroom6a The proverbial 4" square of workspace ...
No matter how big the table, we end up working in a tiny little clear area. This one is surrounded by color-corrected lamps, the oven, most-used tools, clay still in wrappers, more canes and sheets, pasta machines, camera, rollers and brayers.
                        Workroom7a The hellhole ...
The corner I rarely have to dig into, thank heavens! More clay, more inclusions, stamps, textures, tools, tools, tools. To the right of this area is the computer, scanner, printer, etc... but I ain't showing that. ;-)