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Our thoughts on our workspaces, what we've done, what we'd like to do and coping.
Home is where the heart is and my work room is where  my "Stuff" is......
Everything is in big plastic boxes under my bed. Sometimes I just drag them out and sit on the floor and use the boxes as a work surface. Sometimes I use a ridiculously small TV table in the bedroom, and drop clay and tools on the floor about every 5 seconds. Then there's the coffee table in the living room which is glass, so it makes a nice big work surface and of course, there's always the dining room table. And when things get slow 
at work I have a nice big glass countertop. I manage an art supply store, so  I'm never too far from the clay. The word "organization" is not in my vocabulary!

I have two rooms and four work tables.  No matter where you sit, there is a project or two waiting to be worked on.  I do many crafts and lots of sewing.  I have two sewing machines.  One heavy one for making teddy bears.  The other takes over my dining table.  I have a table for beads.  A large work table for cut out cloth and all kinds of things get worked on there.  Then I have a drafting table for clay, books, rubber stamping and a lot of other projects.  My one big chair has a mag light and a stand to hold my cross stitch.
My computer is in my bedroom with a lot of books, magazines and about 3 or 4 hundred bears, dolls etc.  Lots of books and magazines in the other room.  I don't think I will take photo's!   LOL  

Ok, I thought if I got a bigger work area I might actually not have as much clutter as I do right now. But from what I see  ;-) it seems that you just get more stuff to fill it up then ROFL!  Mine is a small (and I mean small) table hidden at the back of the sofa in the lounge. And another smaller table beside it filled with everything I can pile on it. I really need to get a bigger table. Wish I could get a whole craft room. Now why didn't anyone think of that when they made the place lol.  My work surface is piled with clay blocks, tools, pasta machine and leaves me with a tiny place to work. Ok, I am going to get that new table lol.

Erum Munir