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Miniature Haunted House
Page 3
Thomas Ojeda and
Kim Kennedy

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Step Twelve: Place square roof pieces together and check for fit. If necessary, bevel and sand edges. Use super glue to assemble.
Step Thirteen: Hold pieces up to second roof to check angle. Sand or bevel if necessary. Glue together, but not to the house yet.
Step Fourteen: Glue one the taller of the narrow walls to the front. 
Step Fifteen: Now glue on the back of the house.  Support the free end of the house while the glue dries.
Step Sixteen: Glue on the shorter of the narrow walls to both the front and back.

**At this point, I realized that we had another supervisor. I started to snort and had to stop Thomas to show him this shot. Photographers really need to watch their backgrounds. K

Step Seventeen: Time to glue on the base.  Be careful here.  The walls of the front and back tend to warp.  Glue on the bottom edge of the back and sides of the house.  Then  gently push the front of the house forward from the inside to meet the front of the base and glue it down.
Step Eighteen: Add cross piece between levels. You may need to hold this a little longer while the glue dries because this piece keeps everyone else straight.

Step Nineteen:  Put glue on the top edges of the house and fit the main house roof on. It's larger and gives the structure some stability. Follow with the smaller roof on the top story.

Step Twenty: Glue on porch roof and its supports.
To finish: take some black acrylic paint and carefully dry brush any edges that look too clean. Seal, if desired, with Flecto or Future.

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