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New Guild!
Sarasota Polymer Clay Guild
Joyce King
Hi  from Sarasota, FL,

We had the first meeting of the Sarasota Polymer Clay Guild last night, September 11.  We had a fabulous time, everyone was happy to get together, and we have great plans for the future. 
The gathering began, we went around the room and introduced ourselves, what level we were at, and what we wanted to accomplish as a group. Ten people were able to come, and one husband sat in, and one woman brought her daughter.There was a woman who drove all the way from Cape Coral, and two women came from Clearwater.

It was clear that the shop is going to be too small, so we discussed our options as far as possible places. All the details were discussed, we all paid a dollar into the kitty which 
helps  defray the cost of electricity at the shop.  Robin Monville said she would ask her 
minister about using a room, but we will look into every possible venue for contacting and emailing any news.
The group decided they didn't want a strictly structured formal group, so the idea of officers was voted down.  As a result, Helen and Joyce will be coordinating.
Helen announced that Sunday, November 16 that the shop was hosting a fair with tables renting for $10, and we can put up objects for sale.

We decided to have one demonstration each time we meet.  Also decided was that we would 
rotate bringing refreshments.  I will furnish next weeks since we forgot to assign that. We also decided to have a bead jar, everyone will bring a bead to contribute a bead and at the end of the year we will draw tickets for a winner.  We also discussed swaps, and ideas for fundraising.
We did a show and tell where we looked at what other members had made and
Following that, Joyce gave a tutorial on making a mirror image bead.
Robin volunteered  to do the next demonstration.
An assignment each time was decided upon, and the next meeting’s assignment 
is to make a name tag of PC.

Fun was had by all! It was great  to see all the people from the list and put a face on who we email.


Our next meeting will be

October 16
3 Women Objects and Artful Things
2174 Gulf Gate Drive, 
Sarasota Florida 34231

Helen McDonald Joyce King
941-925-7111 941-302-5503

Please come by and join us!