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pcPolyzine Masthead
October 2003

Jack O' Lantern Votive
by Thomas Ojeda
--Sponsored by--
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  • Orange polymer clay
  • Wax Paper
  • Face Pattern (I'm including my own)
  • Tissue Blade
  • Pasta machine or roller
  • Hobby knife (such as X-acto)
  • Scissors
  • Needle tool
  • Heat proof floor tile(s)
  • Pen

click on thumbnails for larger images

Step One: Choose a face pattern. This one is included for download if you choose, or use clip-art, or downsize a pumpkin carving kit image. Be aware that you are putting it on a votive, so detail is limited.

Tape a piece of wax paper to the image and copy with a sharp pen or pencil. 
Step Two: Roll out clay on a medium setting on your pasta machine. If using a roller, about as thick as a couple of index cards. Clay should be as wide as your votive plus about an inch. Begin to roll onto glass, with extra clay on bottom.
Step Three: Pick up clay and votive if it helps to keep the upper edge even and smooth against the glass.
Step Four: Pleat extra clay along bottom edge of clay. Trim off large lumps. 
Step Five: Smooth clay to center of votive.
Step Six: Roll bottom smooth with roller.
Step Seven: Trim top edge.
Step Eight: Go all around votive, smoothing seams, fingerprints and nicks.
Step Nine: Align pattern as you want it on the best side of the votive. Tape wax paper pattern to glass inside.
Step Ten: Using ball stylus or needle tool, go over pattern to impress pattern into clay.
Step Eleven: Check to be sure pattern has transferred.
Step Twelve: Using craft knife, carefully carve out pattern, taking care not to exert too much pressure on clay.
Step Thirteen: Using the handle of a smooth tool, indent pumpkin-y lines vertically into clay.
Step Fourteen: Bake me for 15 minutes according to manufacturer's instructions.

Aren't I beeyoutiful?

Our happy family of Jacks waiting to have
their inner lights kindled.

My pattern. This is about the right size, but if you want a larger pattern,
click here. Feel free to use this pattern any way you wish, but
please give me credit if used for sale.
Photography by Kim Kennedy