Holiday Drawer Knobs
by Deirdre F Woodward

Wish you could do something fun to spruce up your kitchen cabinets or desk drawers for the holiday season?

With this Santa Claus drawer knob, you can change all of the knobs in your house from everyday hardware to holiday happiness!

Supplies to make the Santa Claus drawer knob:

Step One: Paint the knobs with the white acrylic paint, and let them dry.

Step Two: Cover a knob with a piece of flesh toned polymer clay. I made mine from a combination of translucent, orange, and yellow.

Step Three: Sculpt the face. This is the first time I sculpted a face, so forgive me if he's a bit scary!

Step Four: Add black dots for eyes. Add a tiny dot of white to each eye.

Step Five: Wrap the translucent with white clay. You may notice that the clay isn't sticking well to the knob. That's ok. As you add more clay around the knob, it may not stick but it will be wrapped securely enough to stay in place.

Step Six: Add a small piece of red to form the mouth.

Step Seven: Using your garlic press, make long strands of white hair. Wrap the hair into small ringlets, as I did, or attach the hair as long strings.

Step Eight: Roll out a piece of red clay. Cut it into a triangle, and, bending your tissue cutter, make the bottom cut round. Align one straight side with the other, and voila, a hat is formed!

Step Nine: Add a black band around the bottom of the red hat.

Step Ten: Make a small ball of white clay, and poke a hole in it. Place the tip of the red hat into the hole in the white clay. Sqeeze the ball tight and score it to make it look furry.

Step Eleven: Make a number of small balls of white clay and press them above the black band to mimic a fur line around the bottom of the cap.

Step Twelve: Bake for 45 minutes at the temperature recommend for the clay you used. I baked this Santa at 275 degrees.

Here is my finished Santa, attached to my dresser drawer. He's not too bad for my first face ever!

Other ideas: Christmas trees, snowmen, angels. The drawer knob is a wonderful canvas on which you can create a number of great holiday items!

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