Skinner Blend Necklace
by syndee Holt

Did ya ever make a Skinner Blend that was just too cool to cut up?

syndee Holt NecklaceThis simple necklace design will enable you to keep (and show off!) some of your best color designs.

Yep, it’s that easy!! The durability of Sculpey Premo gave me the confidence that I wouldn’t break the piece when I wore it and that it wouldn’t stab me!! Of course, Premo is where the great colors and color saturation came from also!

1. Make a Skinner blend of color using #1 (or the widest setting) on your pasta machine.

2. Roll a long edge to form the “tube” for the cording material.

3. Trim the bottom edge to the shape you wish.

4. Make slices to create the fringe portion – these slices can be equidistant or vary the width of the slices.

5. Pre-separate your slices slightly and then gently curve your piece into position. I liked the way these center slices overlapped, so I incorporated them into the overall design.

6. Bake as directed and allow to cool in the oven.

7. I made the clasp out of a piece of the remaining blend by just rolling it up. You know how we always like to use the ends of our canes!

8. See the loop portion of the cording? I made a small snake of black clay and coiled it around a bamboo skewer and baked it. Then I threaded this baked coil onto the cording, made a loop and glued the end into the coil. It’s clean and simple and looks like part of the cord!

The colors I used for this blend were purple, green, orange, orange and purple with an overlay sheet of #3 gold.

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