the final word December 2000
The Final Word

This month's final word are two poems:

My "Poly" friends Poem...

I don't want to go to work, that's just fine with me...
Yet I'm not the type to sit around, eat chips, and watch TV...
But when it comes to the things I really love to do...
It's with my hands I love to work...this is a little clue...

Surprised that I could make so much, out of this chunk of clay...
I find myself so absorbed I can't tell night from day...
And when I finally go to bed and finished all my dinner...
it's then that I say all my prayers with a special one for Skinner...

For all of you who love this clay just let yourself dig in...
And fear nothing anymore because it's not a sin...
So when you start to feel that guilt creeping in your mind...
Click on your mouse, sign on this group and poly friends you'll find...

By Joy Stultz 10/26/00


I don't want to work! No, no! Not today!
Just leave me alone and I'll sit here and play,
The ironing is calling but I want to clay,
I'll do that tomorrow and do THIS today.

I don't want to work 'cause I've just had enough,
It's TEDIOUS and BORING and dusting is tough,
and have you SEEN the bathroom-it really is rough,
so just leave me alone to do all of my stuff.

The kitchen is shocking, the laundry is too,
and I have no idea where to start with the loo,
I can't be expected to do ALL THAT too,
when I have so much playing and claying to do!

Just don't want to do it...well, just not today,
I'll do it all NEXT week, now just go away,
Don't seem to able to tear me away,
'cause there's never enough hours in the day for this clay.

I don't want to work, just can't take anymore,
and I'm too busy claying to go to the store,
You wanted some dinner? Order pizza for four,
And the table's untidy? Hey, I'll sit on the floor!

I'm messed up and stressed up and can't get things done,
It's all of this housework- it just isn't FUN,
So one day, yes one day I'll get it all done....
No really, I PROMISE, I really do hun'.

I don't want to work I've got claying to do,
I'm far too creative to do housework too,
One day I'll be famous you know that it's true,
and then you'll all wish that you'd clayed with me too.

My husband has already started to stray,
They children are all packing, they're moving away,
so maybe I'll finish and call it a day...

...and come back tomorrow to play with my clay.

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