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Bottles of Hope:
Submissions From Our Readers

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Hi -

I thought you may like to see my BOH. This July will be my fourth year to do BOH for our Mineral Area Relay for Life. I made 100 bottles the first year and I try to increase my number each year. They are very popular with the cancer victims and some people tell me they have started a mini "collection" of them. My miniature group donated one full meeting to helping me make them this
past summer. Some of these ladies had never worked with Polymer clay before.

 Flo Jaster
Bottles of Hope Flo Jaster        BOH Flo
                            Jaster        BOH Flo
                            Jaster        BOH Flo

How can I help? Please respond to: [email address omitted for privacy]
Karl W.

Hi -

I wanted to send along some pics of the BOH's that our guild has donated for the April issue. We work very hard on this community project and have had wonderful feedback from the volunteers where our bottles are donated. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may
have. Thanks.

Laura McIntosh
Southern Ontario Polymer Clay Guild
BOH Co-ordinator

From Kim Kennedy: This is for Barb* and her family.

Barbara was a mom just like many moms around the world. She had her little group of friends and family around her as she went into the hospital for surgery. It didn't look good butwe all hoped for the best.
Barb seemed to be doing well the day aftershe came out of surgery. She was short of breath, so we did most of thetalking and she listened. The next day, I came by with a Bottle of Hope to give her, but I found that she had been moved into intensive care. It looked very bad. The nurses allowed me to put the BOH into her room so it would be there when she woke up.  Well, she never did wake up. I got an email that she was much worse and rushed down to the hospital. I
hugged her friends and family as we wiped away tears. They had just gotten the word that it was only a matter of time before she passed.

Tonight I got an email from a mutual friend. She had been to Barb's daughter's house and saw the bottle on a shelf inthe living room. I was surprised and it
moved me to tears. It also made me think that Bottles of Hope aren't just for the patients; they're for the whole family. That someone cared enough to make
something beautiful for their loved one, who may not even know them, touched their hearts. The message of hope and healing was not lost, it lived on with the

*Name changed to protect privacy.

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