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The e-mails really roll in around here. Everyday, we receive comments, suggestions, and questions from you, our readers. As often as practicable, I try to personally answer each of your e-mails. I'd like to share some of your messages and hope it will inspire others to write to us. Send e-mails to: Publisher@pcPolyzine.com.

Dear Jeannie and Staff,

I just wanted to drop you all a quick line of thanks for all your hard work!!  I look forward to each and every issue.


Thanks Monique, and we look forward to your nice letters.

Hi Jeannie,

Just took a few minutes to look at PCPolyzine, and it's a knockout! Wow - lots of good articles, lots of photo's, a real broad range of topics. This is superlative - you've really got a winner! Good job! Well done! Brava!!!

With love,


Thanks Sam. You are such a good friend for writing to me. I love you, too.

Is polyzine still happening? If so, may I be on your mailing list? Thank you.


Of course Susan, we will add you right away.

Will the polyzine be made in pdf form again?  I really liked being able to
save it to my computer.


Yes. The PDF version of all pcPolyzine 2004 issues will be available beginning May 2004. -- Jeannie Havel, Publisher

Hello dear friends,

I am back in my country after 4 years in your beautiful country which gave me a super dose of polymer clay info and a lot of love during my breast cancer adventure. Thank you all Americans -- my doctors in Beaver county. I would like to subscribe to your magazine please let me know how that could be. I am a polyclay instructor, the first in Greece and with no real help. I try to establish polymer clay as art material worth using for high aesthetic artifacts. I like making one of a kind jwellery but still people don't know clay and they think plastic. I don't want to keep you more, will revert after your reply.
Thank you for your time.


Helen's correspondence is very enjoyable and I immediately wrote to her:

Dear Helen -

I have just returned home from a day long polymer clay guild meeting and I am enjoying reading your email. There is no charge for our online polymer clay magazine. I am so happy to hear from you and want to correspond more. It is just before midnight and I must sleep soon, so I will write again tomorrow.

Thank you so much for writing to me.


Here is her response:

Dear Mrs Jeannie

Thank you so much for your information. I would really like me and my polyloving students to have more news relating to polymer clay evolutions that in USA proceeds with leaps and bounds. I have to tell you that I am the only instructor in my country that officially teaches groups of polymer clay techniques. Imagine that we do not have any tools and we ordered blades, guns and more from "polymer clay express " through the web. We are eagerly expecting them any day now, it's been a month of long waiting though. Please add our name in the list. I'd continue telling a lot more but tomorrow I have to drive for two hours to go to a remote village in the mountain because I have a group of 19 women waiting eagerly for me and our polylesson. It's late and I have to sign, we talk about them next time. May be you find it an interesting story for your magazine.  Thank you so much for your attention


Related to my correspondence with Helen,  I saw a message posted on a Yahoo Group site from Marianna from Greece looking for other polyclayers in her country. Here is my note to her:

Dear Marianna -

I was recently contacted by an enthusiastic reader of pcPolyzine from Greece. I would like to talk to you about possibly the two of you corresponding. If you are interested, you can email me personally at Publisher@pcPolyzine.com.

Jeannie Havel, Publisher

Hi Jeannie!

FIRST OF ALL: Congratulations for your fine magazine!

Could you introduce me to this person, pleasssse? I would be very happy, because I'm back after a long time to polymer clay and things are VERY diffrent now. I have a lot of questions. I've said again that polymer clay is in stone age in Greece and in the city that I live, I can find only cernit and if I'm lucky some colors of fimo. I'm about to start ordering from USA or England or some other european countries (girls, any good ideas for links close to me? Italy, France etc.). Please, give my address to that person!

Thanks for your help and for polyzine!

Marianna from Greece

I sent contact information to both readers and hope they are happily claying in Greece!


Hope you are feeling better and that nasty 'flu' bug is gone!  I hope you can point me in the right direction.  I am trying to get the Orlando Area Polymer Clay Guild information posted to the pcPolyzine site.  Do you know who I should contact? Thanks!


Well Mary, that would be me. I'll be sure your Guild is added to the directory.


Really enjoying and getting so much out of your website. I am a Polymer clayer living in New Hampshire.  Would you please add me to your Mailing List?  Thank you!


Thanks Naomi, consider yourself added.

Thanks for all your hard work.  I am an art teacher near Binghamton, NY and I teach polymer clay to my kids and at our local community college.  I'm happy to have regular ideas to spark me up and give me inspiration.  You work hard and deserve much praise. 


Thanks Maxine. It's letters like yours that make my job so great! I hope you will keep up your great work with students of all ages.

Hi Jeannie,

I live in central Illinois, and am a member of the Blue Highway Polymer clay guild. we meet in Williamsville. I have been working with poly for about 4 years now. I have taught classes at my local Michaels and other classes in various locations. I just finished making over 250 snowman beads for a local store. They asked me to create a snowman bead that could be reproduced and that would look good on a billboard. They then featured my bead on a necklace along with 2 other necklaces. It was pretty exciting. Now that you have more info than you asked for...I have enjoyed your online zine for a while now and was saddened when it was going to stop,but understood. Thanks for taking on this task, so the rest of us have great site to learn from.

Happy claying,

Wow Tracy, you made 250+ snowman beads? That's a lot of snowmen! How very cool to have your work featured on a billboard....how about having your work featured in pcPolyzine? I am always eager to promote our reader's clay businesses. Let's e-mail and put something together!

Can you please consider this for publication?

Thanks, Syd

Sure Sid, we'd be happy to.

The Pittsburgh Polymer Clay Guild is proud to announce a two-day workshop
with Marla Frankenberg!

Marlafiori - Canes without Pain 
April 17 & 18, 2004
Sat. & Sun. 10am-6pm
$100 members, $125 non-members

You've seen them on eBay, in galleries, at ShrineMont, and other retreats -- those multi-petaled clay sunflowers, willowy reeds, and wispy ferns that have become Marla's trademark. Now you can learn her techniques and secrets, whether or not you've been successful in creating canes before! In the beautiful loft workshop of the SoftRoc Corporate Headquarters, at the corner of 17th & Smallman Streets, in the cultural district of Pittsburgh, a roomy and artsy space sure to inspire your creativity!

A complete packet with directions, places to stay and craft shops to visit will be sent to you upon registration! For more information contact Connie Donaldson at connied233@aol.com or call 724-746-0662. Workshop space limited to 20 participants!

To all of you who wrote inquiring about the Ebarhart snowglobes -- Kim Kennedy reports that  Garie Sim did a Haunted Toilet globe tutorial using the Ebarhart Faber snowglobe in the Sept 2002 issue of pcPolyzine. He's in Singapore, so we may not use the same sources he does. Here's the URL to his site: http://www.garieinternational.com.sg/ . Thanks Kim.

For all the soon-to-be brides and grooms looking for those Custom Wedding Cake Toppers we featured in the January 2004 issue -- we do not make the cake toppers here at pcPolyzine. The artist who does is Lisa Calhoon and you can contact her directly at: http://www.RightBrainCreations.com.

I'd been looking forward all month to the February issue.  What a disappointment to not find ONE how-to feature, other than the tube bead cutter.  I doubt  that the other readers want to just read articles.  Most of us look to this magazine to learn new techniques in working with polymer clay.  Is this going to be the future of this magazine...nothing but articles...or are we going to continue learning "stuff?"

This reader and I have been corresponding and I am happy to report that we do have some tutorials in this month's issue. All our readers are invited to submit tutorials and articles for possible publication. This is a good way to build up your clay credentials if you have aspirations for teaching or someday publishing a polymer clay book. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and we can provide a good forum for your work. Read the Submission Guidelines and send your inquiries to: Publisher@pcPolyzine.com.
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