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Jeannie's Journal
Comments and Observations
From the Publisher

By Jeannie Havel
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My brain cannot comprehend that sometime in the wee hours of Saturday morning I am going to lose an hour of the day. OK, OK, OK, I know I really don't lose anything, but when the clocks change in October, I definitely gain an hour.

I will not allow myself to attempt to fit what I do in 24 hours into a mere 23. I will repeat this mantra and click my heels together and see how far it gets me. I'll let you know.

So, after three months as Publisher of pcPolyzine, I am finally keeping a journal of sorts, and you get to read it. I hope it will give you an inside look at what goes on here at pcPolyzine world headquarters. Actually, I work in a cramped little corner of a cramped little room in a cramped little rented wigwam in North Carolina. It's all very glamorous, but I can't show you any pictures. It's against the rules, so don't ask, OK?

pcPolyzine came into my life a little over three years ago when I joined Deirdre Woodward's Editorial Board. I considered myself part proofreader and part technical editor. I found misspelled words and corrected teeny tiny errors such as changing Transparent Liquid Sculpey to Translucent Liquid Sculpey, and checked on trademarks and copyrights so we stayed legal.

I love this ezine and I know you love it, too. That's why I have included a Reader's Poll this month to ask your opinion on how we might pay the bills around here. You can go to the link at Yahoo Groups and cast your vote. Choose as many responses as you find appropriate. I will publish the results of the poll in the May 2004 issue.

In the meantime, I have a jar on my desk that I'm filling with pennies. I'm saving up for ClayQuest 2005. It's being co-hosted by Paula and Carole at Old Town Crafts in Georgia (remember them from the Creative Palette Convention?) and Lauren Van Hemert, Co-Founder (with me) of the Capital Area Polymer Clay Guild in Raleigh, NC. This exciting East Coast polymer clay convention is scheduled for November 2005. That should give me just enough time to save my coins for the trip. If you'd like to go too, you can find out more by contacting Lauren at: stampin_nc@yahoo.com

or Paula and Carole at Old Town Crafts: bubbles@oldtowncrafts.com.

Thanks to all of you  who've joined the pcPolyzine mailing list. We add more names every day, and on March 22, 2004, we added our 1000th member. WOW! Remember, you can only get special announcements from us if you subscribe to our mailing list. It's easy to sign up and it's F-R-E-E!!!

Enjoy this lovely Springtime weather -- where I live, one day it's sunny and the next day there's thunder and lightning and torrents of rain. But then again, isn't life a lot like that?

Write to me if you get a chance.

Your polyclay pal,
Jeannie Havel
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