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Updated August 2004

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ValKat Designs

Makers of the Precise-A-SliceTM
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ValKat™ Designs is happy to announce the official launch of the Precise-A-Slice™ cane slicer.

The main goal of the Precise-A-Slice is to give polymer clay artists the ability to cut even and accurate slices from canes. But the potential uses of the Precise-A-Slice don’t end there.

Precise-A-Slice Cane Slicer“We’ve worked hard to make the Precise-A-Slice as versatile as possible, yet keep it affordable,” states Valerie Wright. “In order to identify which features were most important, we spent a lot of time getting feedback from fellow polymer clay enthusiasts. That feedback was key to the realization of the final product.”

Kathy Shield agrees: “We knew we couldn’t make a successful product in a vacuum and wanted to make sure that this tool would work for everyone, not just ourselves. We produced several versions before arriving at the design we have now.”

The outcome of these efforts is a cane slicer that can be used for additional functions such as making angled cuts and making paper-thin Mokume Gane slices. Valerie hopes that the latter will “give people who have had trouble cutting the thin slices needed for Mokume Gane a better chance of success with the technique.”

Another aspect of the Precise-A-Slice that Valerie and Kathy are proud of is its portability. “People have told us they really appreciate the fact that they can take it anywhere they go and not have a problem packing with their other supplies and tools. Because the base is covered with a non-skid material, there is no need to clamp it to your work surface. And, even though it’s so lightweight, it’s sturdy and will hold up through normal use.”

Anyone interested in purchasing a Precise-A-Slice cane slicer can do so by sending a check or money order for $50.00 + $5.00 for shipping and handling to:

ValKat Designs

P.O. Box 12563

Columbus, OH 43212-0563

Questions or requests for information can be sent to valkatdesigns@hotmail.com.

Look for a Precise-A-Slice website in the near future. The site will serve as a virtual storefront and feature tips and techniques for using the Precise-A-Slice.

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