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August 2004


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Clay Crumbs
A Little Bit of This - A Little Bit of That

By Jeannie Havel

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The working title for this column was "Clay Scraps" but I strongly believe that no such thing exists. So, I went to my fabulous Editorial Advisory Board and they came up with a variety of titles. We settled on "Clay Crumbs." Crumbs are those little things that aren't quite big enough to stand on their own, but represent a treat nonetheless. Here is a little bit of this and a little bit of that -- I hope you have fun with these "crumbs."
A Polymer Clay "Rosette" starring Miracle MoldTM from Puffinalia
While I was researching material for the Hex Signs article, I read that rosettes represent "good luck" and are thought to be the oldest of the symbols used. I thought I might try making a rosette myself, but physical limitations prevent me from claying like I once did. I searched everywhere for a rosette "mold" and came up empty-handed. To comfort myself, I decided to break open a pack of sugar-free cookies. Gotta love fate -- there was my rosette. Not only had I found just what I had in mind for the mold, but gosh did it taste great, too! Here's how I made it:

Miracle Mold from PuffinaliaStep One: Follow manufacturer's instructions for using Miracle MoldTM, the two-part room temperature vulcanizing ("RTV") mold compound from Puffinalia. I used a small ball of Part A (white) and an equal amount of Part B (red) combined until fully mixed (sort of). The resulting material will be pink (see images below).

Miracle Mold Part A Miracle Mold Part B
Miracle Mold A and B Combined
Part A Part B A and B Combined

Step Two: Press item into material.
Cookie                                    Cookie in Miracle Mold
The cookie.
The cookie in Miracle MoldTM.

Finished mold.
Clay dusted with PearlEx powder - Interference Blue.
Miracle Mold Cookie Mold

Cookie Mold
Publisher's Note: Yes, I got permission from the cookie company to print the image of their design!

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