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August 2004

A Treasure Trove of Inspiration

By Jeannie Havel
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Most of us in the arts & crafts industry like to consider ourselves "eclectic" in our view toward art -- we are supportive of all media -- yet, we each seem to gravitate to an area that is special to us. My special area is multicultural art. I love making it and teaching it, especially to children who have much to discover about how far their world reaches. As a future Social Psychologist, I am fascinated by how art seems to link us in ways similar to music or smiles. These are things that can be understood across cultures, and art has that quality, too.

To produce pcPolyzine, I spend a considerable amount of time each month on the Internet researching information for articles. A very basic Google search for Hex Signs brought me to a website, Folkart.com, that touches my spirit at the very core. It showcases, "World Class Art made by indigenous and creative people." That description is putting it mildly. There is a virtual plethora of creativity to amaze and inspire you.

The site is the owned and operated by Cecil Dobbs, a man whose vision of art and culture provides a dignified, yet dynamic arena for folk artists to sell their wares. Dobbs has assembled artists and artisans from around the globe in an interesting mix of real and surreal. The selection of artists continually changes.

For August, new features include:

Whatever your special area of art interest might be, you will probably find its category at Folkart.com. You might discover a new favorite, too. And, just as it is with polymer clay, you might find it captivating you for hours on end. When you go to visit, plan to stay for a while.

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