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Updated August 2004

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It's All About the Clay:
A Subscription-only Newsletter
From the Publisher of pcPolyzine

By Jeannie Havel
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Have you subscribed to our new, subscription-only newsletter devoted to turning your polymer hobby into a profit maker? If not, read on to see what you've missed.

It's All About the Clay

Our newest publication, It's All About the Clay, is published every month on or about the 15th. This way, if you subscribe, you'll have pcPolyzine at the beginning of the month, and the newsletter in the middle of the month.

Barbara BrabecAuthor Barbara Brabec is furnishing some articles for us to include to jam-pack the newsletter with lots of what you need to know to make your clay pay. Barbara is the well-known author of such books as Homemade Money, Handmade for Profit, and Creative Cash. She also publishes The Brabec Bulletin, a subscription-only ezine.

We'll show you how to gain valuable insight to market your polymer clay or how to enjoy your clay more just for the fun it.

Here's what you missed in the June and July issues:

  • Six Personal Things to Consider Before Starting a Crafts Business - By Barbara Brabec

  • Craft Safety - Handling Solvents, Adhesives, and Paints

  • So You Want to Teach Polymer Clay?

  • How to Sell Through Online Auctions

  • Helping a Pack Rat Get Organized

  • How to Get Started as a Professional Crafts Designer

  • Home Based Craft Business Survival Tips

  • 25 Ways to Increase Your Credibility Online
  • Career and Opportunity Pathways for Bead Workers and Jewelry Makers

  • Marketing Your Crafts - Links to Some of the Best Online Resource


pcPolyzine continues to be F-R-E-E and the newsletter is just $12 for the year. That's 12 issues for just a dollar each and you can pay online by e-check or credit card through your PayPal account. 

Subscribe now!

Just click the button below this paragraph and you'll be ready to receive the next issue of It's All About the Clay on August 15th (and we'll email you the June and July issues so you can catch up) for the low price of just $12 per year.

It's All About the Clay. It's new. It's exclusively for members only. It's affordable. It's your newest tool to make the clay pay!                                       

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To subscribe by mail, please send a check or money order for $12 to: pcPolyzine, c/o Jeannie Havel, 3404 Cumberland Road, Fayetteville, NC 28306. Please include your name, address, email address, and any other personal information you'd like to share with me.

Please note It's All About the Clay is delivered to you once each month by email.