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Custom Wedding Cake Toppers
Right Brain Creations
Jeannie Havel
Ask Lisa Calhoon what she thinks of when she hears the word “wedding” and she’ll probably answer “polymer clay” (you gotta love her!). The connection between marriages and clay came about for Lisa by way of her husband, Brent. “It's all my husband's doing,” exclaims Lisa, “For a Valentine's Day present while we were engaged, Brent gave me a package of [polymer] clay. He thought I'd be good at it even though I had never worked with clay before.” Not only was Lisa “good at it,” she’s translated her polymer obsession into “Right Brain Creations,” a lucrative business creating custom toppers for wedding cakes. 

Lisa has always considered herself a fairly good artist, but wasn’t so sure her talent would translate to clay. She began her foray into our favorite medium by attempting to make a cat and was pleased when her creation actually looked like, well, a cat. From there it was the usual path to pure clay obsession. 

But Lisa had other things on her mind than just clay (we can’t imagine). “We were making our wedding arrangements and could not find anything to use as a cake topper,” Lisa explains. “We wanted our wedding to be more fun than formal, and none of the cake toppers we found had any sort of personality. So I decided to give it a try and make my own cake topper.”

If you think Lisa’s cake topper turned out to be traditional, think again. Lisa’s specialty is designing and creating a cake topper that is as individual and unique as the engaged couple. Her toppers resemble the couple not only in physical appearance, but reflect their interests or hobbies as well. Perhaps a bride and groom want to commemorate a special vacation or life event – no problem. Lisa gets to know each couple through a series of well designed questions and works with each client personally to capture the look and feel that will make their cake topper exclusively theirs.

Lisa explains that while the figures will resemble the couple as to relative heights, hair and eye colors and attire, they will be more cartoon-like than realistic.

Bride and groom figures are typically 4 to 5 inches tall, and the base is a round piece of wood painted white that is 4 inches in diameter. Lisa says this base not only stabilizes the topper, it solves the issue of clay not coming into contact with food.

A visit to the Right Brain Creations website gives prospective brides and grooms and wedding planners answers to the most frequently asked questions about purchasing a custom cake topper for that special day. And once the order is placed, and Lisa receives payment and pictures, the custom cake topper is shipped usually within 10 weeks.

The starting price for a typical bride and groom cake topper is $350 (US). The price increases if the order is rushed, or as other figures, such as pets and children, are added. The more unique cake toppers, such as the moose or mascots pictured on the website, cost a little more depending on the design.

Is there a cake topper Lisa doesn’t make? “Yes,” says Lisa. “The only items I can't create, due to the materials I use, are buildings and vehicles, such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars and water crafts - they become too large and heavy for the cake


Right Brain Creations is a member of the Association for Wedding Professionals, Int'l, and as such follows a strict code of ethics that focuses on superior customer service and sets a standard for the entire wedding industry to live up to.

With wedding cakes representing nearly $200 million of sales annually, Lisa Calhoon has turned her love of polymer clay into a sure-fire business opportunity that has a happy future ahead of it.