Wreath Project
By Kim Kennedy
Early in 2003, pcPolyzine started the Wreath Project. Each month, two themes were picked that a guild or other clay group could choose to make. Pictures were taken during the making of the wreaths, sent to pcPolyzine, and together, we shared them with the polymer clay community.

San Diego
Polymer Clay Guild
It's a new year and we have picked new themes. These themes are suggestions, so if you and your friends or guild members have another theme in mind, talk to us! We're always excited to share new ideas.

Polymer Clay Guild
Your group can be guild members, a regular clay group or just some friends! Every month we will post an update, showing which months/themes have been taken.

The images you see in the left column on this page are of past wreaths. Click on the name below each wreath to see the entire article. Note: the link will take you to a past issue of pcPolyzine.

See the table below for the list of themes. The month noted in the left hand column is the month the article is to appear in pcPolyzine.

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Polymer Clay Guild

 Pick your wreath theme two months ahead of time. This will give you one month to compose and put your wreath together, and one month to collect your details and pictures.

Send your text and image files to Kim Kennedy by the 15th of the month then sit back until the first of the month and share your beautiful wreath with family and friends!


MSAT Clay Art
Suggested Themes
Month  Theme Month Published Group
April 2004 Seashells June 2004  
May 2004 Flowers July 2004  
June 2004 Veggies August 2004  
July 2004 For Teacher September 2004  
August 2004 Red and White October 2004  
September 2004 Metallic November 2004  
October 2004 Gingerbread December 2004  
November 2004 Quilts January 2005  
December 2004 For the Chef February 2005  
 All information is due by the 15th of the month preceding publication. Please send a maximum of 5 files per email and send as many emails as necessary. Text should be in Word Doc or text file format. Image files should be in jpg format. Email Kim Kennedy to reserve your wreath!

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Polymer Clay Guild