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Online PolyClay Groups
A Guide to Connecting With Clayer's in Cyberspace

By Jeannie Havel
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There's no question we polyclayer's are a dedicated group. We eat, sleep, and breathe polymer clay. We attend Guild meetings, national conferences and conventions, and as many workshops and classes as our pocketbooks can afford. And through it all, we forge some of the nicest friendships of our lives. We learn together by sharing our collective knowledge of polymer clay. Modern technology has given us yet another avenue for connecting with our fellow clayers -- the Internet -- specifically, online discussion and chat groups devoted to polymer clay.

This article presents just a few of the many groups available in cyberspace. Two primary areas to search for groups are Yahoo and Delphi Forums. A general search of the Yahoo Groups site area unearths 147 groups that list "polymer clay" as there primary category. Although Delphi Forums has far fewer polyclay groups, the site is no less strong in the number of members. Thousands of people who love what you love (polymer clay) are waiting to welcome you. These groups are, for the most part, communities within themselves where members navigate with ease and confidence, assured that their part in the polyclay world counts, no matter how small.

If you haven't tried this method of networking with other clayers, now might be a good time to give it a try. Wander through a few of the below listed links, or do your own search.

YAHOO Groups calls itself "The easiest way for groups of people to
communicate on the Internet." Here are a few of my favorites with
portions of the actual descriptions from the Group Owners:

  • Artful Clay Creations   
"This group was created as a service group for all crafters working with any types of clay. Here, you can advertise your website, Yahoo album or eBay business. If you have any tips, techniques or links you would like to share with the group, please feel free. Also, please feel free to announce any educational events and arts/craft festivals in your area. You can sell supplies to other crafters as well and also sell your finished products. This is a good way to expand your business network and increase your exposure. Please set up a photo album with your creations for everyone to see. Pull up a chair and come on in and let's have some real fun!" (Members: 61 Founded: Mar 22, 2004).

Get more information:

  • Clay Play Pals  -  Our featured group!
  • Clay-Polymer

"Is it the color, the feel, the ease of working with polymer clay that's got you hooked? Whatever the reason, you're about to meet a whole new community of poly-friends. Welcome home!" (Members: 1627 Founded: Oct 23, 1998).

Get more information: :

  • Clay Cafe

"We are the bold inventors of original and cosmic designs using colorful polymer clay. Our only limits are the boundaries of imagination." (Members: 110 Founded: May 4, 2000).

Get more information:

  • Clayers With Disabilities

"Many polymer clay artists have disabilities, and others would like to better accommodate clayers with disabilities in their classes and guilds. Many disability professionals would like to incorporate polymer clay into therapeutic activities, but are not quite sure how to do so. This group is for such people. It is a place for clayers with disabilities to gather and discuss claying with a disability, either on a professional or hobbyist level, and how our disabilities positively and negatively effect clay-related activities." (Members: 88 Founded: Jul 22, 2002).


  • PCJB - Polymer Clay Beads and Jewelry
"Polymer clay beads and jewelry is a group for people interested in the bead and jewelry aspects of polymer clay. We will discuss everything from techniques to construction to findings. There will also be 'brainstorms' to share ideas and challenges. This is a place where we can all learn from each other and share our jewelry making and bead making experiences. All polymer clay jewelry artists and those interested in learning the craft are welcome!!" (Members: 381 Founded: Mar 17, 2001).

Get more information:

  • Polymer Clay People

"Polymer clay fans, fanatics, aficionadoes, crafters, students and artists. All levels of experience welcome! Read and exchange information about polymer clay. Make new friends, and keep in touch with old ones. A place to announce and to find out about workshops and guilds. A place to share and see what others are creating too. No flames - we try to maintain a friendly "place" for all participants. See you there!"

"Polymer Clay People now has a related chat list - all list members are welcome to join up and use the group for talking about things that are off-topic for our main group. Share your other interests with people you already know!" (Members: 1482 Founded: Jun 24, 2001).

Get more information:

Delphi Forums boasts "
over ten million registered members and over one million new messages posted per week. Delphi Forums, LLC is one of the leading networks of member-managed online communities.

  • Polymer Clay Jewelry

"PCJ" is a discussion forum for polymer clay jewelry artists and enthusiasts. A background knowledge of polymer clay basics is helpful. New clayers are welcome, of course - but rather than duplicate what other forums are already doing so well, we can provide links to several learning sites for lessons on basic polymer clay techniques.

Our focus is on the creation of polymer clay pieces as personal adornment. We welcome discussions on all aspects of its' construction, including polymer clay components, findings, wirework, and mixed media. We love to hear new ideas and means of personal expression through wearable polymer clay art."  (Members: 2056).


  • Bottles of Hope

"Bottles of Hope are small glass bottles covered with polymer clay and given to cancer patients. They symbolize a wish and a hope for health. This project was started in 1999 by a Rhode Island cancer survivor and has spread internationally."  (Members:  88).


  • EoPc - Evolution of Polymer Clay
Information and updates on the EoPc Convention.


  • Polymer Clay Central

"Polymer Clay, hottest arts and crafts medium in decades. Colorful, immediate, and extremely versatile, polymer clay could be the most exciting material you'll ever lay your hands on! New step by step lessons, online. Join us, and see for yourself!" (Members:  18521).


  • Polymer Clay Central Annex
"An extension of Polymer Clay Central for the purpose of private critique as well as more mature art work!" (Members: 1309).


  • Polymer Clay Jello Vault

"This is THE hot new forum for Polymer Clay and mixed-media artists. See what can be done with Fimo, Premo - it's not just kid stuff. Join us for our on-line turorials, lively discussions. View our talented members' art, and show us yours."  (Members: 1136). 


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