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Jeannie's Journal
Comments and Observations
From the Publisher

By Jeannie Havel
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Good grief! It's only the second month that I've written  this journal and already I'm thinking it's just too much work. Isn't that what everyone says about journaling? Maybe it's the time of year. May is usually a busy month, but this year, it's especially busy around the cramped little wigwam I call "pcPolyzine World Headquarters." I swear if I have a full nine square feet of work space left in this office, I'm exaggerating. Can you believe a high class, uppity publication like this one is created in a space that's only about 3'x3'? It's true.

And you should see my car. Well, actually, you can't see it because there's just too much stuff in it. In fact, my entire life is filled with "stuff." My daughter calls me a packrat. I called myself a collector for awhile, but now I prefer "preservationist." Nonetheless, while the rest of the world seems to be going to you-know-where in a hand basket, I rest easy knowing I will never run out of polymer clay or beads or cookie cutters. How many people can say that?

If it seems I'm rambling, it's probably just stress because Mother's Day is here and I've made no gifts whatsoever;  the deadline for signing up for the Donna Kato workshops in June is here and I'm b-r-o-k-e; and my daughter is about to turn 18, graduate from high school, and leave me! Waaaahhhhhhh!

But I do have some good news -- there's a rumor that Porro, the world-famous poly Diva herself, is arranging a trip to the U.S. as we speak. Now that's exciting. If you don't know who she is, now is a good time to find out. I recently had the good fortune to actually hold a piece of her breathtaking polymer clay work in my own little hands. Porro is a friend of a friend who just happens to be a member of my polymer clay guild. It seems they've corresponded for years, and now they're planning a get-together for mid-July. As soon as I know details, I'll share my information with you.

Got an email from Lynn O'Neal about the Carol Duvall cruise.  The Craft Queen and seven of her nearest, dearest friends (Priscilla Hauser, Donna Kato, Lisa Pavelka, Karen Thomas,  Mary O'Neil, Cherryl Green, and Tim Holz) will be cruising and crafting across the Western Caribbean from February 27 to March 6.  There are three price tiers that include cruise fare, taxes, port charges, and gratuities
. Drolett Travel in Grand Ledge, Michigan is handling reservations. If you think you might want to go on this trip, contact Linda or Shirley at Drolett-Travel.com. And be sure to send me a postcard!

I'm still saving up my money for ClayQuest 2005 scheduled for next November. It's sure to be the East-Coast polymer clay event of year. For more information, contact Lauren Van Hemert at: stampin_nc@yahoo.com, or Paula and Carole at Old Town Crafts: bubbles@oldtowncrafts.com.

I think that's just about all the news I have for now...oh wait, I almost forgot...the results of the first-ever pcPolyzine Reader's Poll are in and it looks as if we'll be accepting paid advertising as early as the June 2004 issue. The rates will be extremely affordable, so tell everyone you know to buy an ad.

I'll also be sending out news via the pcPolyzine Members-Only Mailing List about our brand new subscription newsletter devoted to turning your polymer hobby into a profit maker. We've partnered with Crafting For Dollars author Barbara Brabec to jam pack it with lots of what you need to know to make your clay pay.
It's All About the Clay debuts June 15th and will be published every month on or about the same date. That way, if you subscribe, you'll have pcPolyzine at the beginning of the month, and the newsletter in the middle of the month. pcPolyzine will continue to be F-R-E-E and the newsletter will cost just $12 for the year. That's 12 issues for a buck each. But wait, there's more....if you subscribe on or before the day the first issue comes out (June 15, 2004), you'll save $2.00 off the regular subscription price. That makes it just $10.00 and you can pay online by e-check or credit card through your PayPal account.  Be sure to sign up on the mailing list if you haven't already. It's the only way you'll get the special email with the link to the $2.00 discount.  

I hope you have a very happy month of May. As always, write to me if you get a chance.

Your polyclay pal,
Jeannie Havel
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