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Clay Play Pals
An Online Polymer Clay Discussion Group

By Jeannie Havel
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The theme of this issue of pcPolyzine is online discussion and chat groups. These are places in cyberspace (on the Internet) where you can meet other polyclayer's, share pictures of your art, and generally have a good time with some of the best friends you'll never meet. That's right. Many people form close friendships in online groups with folks they'll never, ever meet in person. For others, the bond becomes very strong, and clayers have "reunions" at conventions and workshops. It's old home week with a family you'd probably never recognize if you passed them on the street.

That's how it was with a Yahoo Group that formed especially for those who are new to polymer clay. It was a group of approximately 450 members who talked about anything and everything "clay." They were a special group of friends that developed over the course of 6 years. But then, just two months ago, group members received surprising news. Their group was shutting down forever.

So what do 450 people do when they have nowhere to go? They find a new place to go, and that was the mission taken on by group member Lisa Taylor. She hesitantly, but enthusiastically volunteered to start a Yahoo group for the poly-newbies, and on March 16, 2004, Lisa launched Clay Play Pals.

Today, there are just 63 of the original 400+ members registered with the group. It's unknown where the others ended up, but there is always room for everyone to be part of Clay Play Pals. 

To honor the devotion of this small, cohesive group of polymer clayer's, pcPolyzine has partnered with Clay Play Pals offering our years of experience as
guidance and support in whatever ways possible. This group is changing and growing everyday, becoming more confident in their group relationships and very confident in their art. The "Pals" are blessed with British member, Alan Vernall, who also served on the pcPolyzine Editorial Board. Alan is just one of the many members of the online group who share their knowledge freely. His work is showcased in several articles in this issue of pcPolyzine.

Several other members of Clay Play Pals have agreed to have their work published this month on our website. I know you'll enjoy the polymer eye candy that follows, and perhaps you, too, will be inspired to become the newest member of Clay Play Pals.
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