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Thank you for participating in the first ever pcPolyzine Reader’s Poll. The poll closed April 25, 2004 and any information your furnished to participate in voting has been deleted. The information will not be used for any other purpose. The poll was conducted to give you an opportunity to voice your opinion on the important business aspect in the future of pcPolyzine.

POLL QUESTION: For pcPolyzine to continue as a viable online polymer clay magazine, we will need to establish a revenue generating component within the next 6 months. Please indicate your preference by selecting from the choices below. Please note that we will NEVER have pop-ups on the pcPolyzine website, so keep this in mind as you make your selection. You may vote for more than one option. Your identity will not be disclosed. Thank you.


Pay annual subscription price of $20 or less 6 votes 5.08% 
Keep ezine free and pay for new polymer clay related subscription-only publication for $12 per year 23 votes
Accept reader donations of $1 per issue, not tax deductible 17 votes  14.41%
Accept paid advertising that would appear on all pages 72 votes 

Thanks again for participating.

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