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Updated October 2004

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Jeannie's Journal
Comments and Observations
From the Publisher

By Jeannie Havel
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October. My favorite month of the year. Why, you ask? No, it's not because of Halloween and it's not because of Columbus Day. It's because of that one wonderful night close to the end of the month when I get an extra hour of sleep. OK, so I know I don't really get an extra hour of sleep, but just humor me, OK? And while you're at it, mark your calendar to change your clocks (and the batteries in your smoke detectors).

Now, what should I tell you about the condition of the wigwam. I already know I shouldn't show you any pictures, and for goshsakes I am smart of enough to burn any negatives just so there won't be any evidence of what a true slob I am, so let's just let it go at maybe somebody around here should put down the clay and clean up the joint.

Seriously, though, I have been having a wonderful time conditioning clay and pretending to be an artist. I am fully engaged in the menopausal process (that's way too much information, right?) and that's about all I get done these days. I hope you are having a more productive month.
If you haven't heard already, we are pleased as punch that Editorial Advisory Board member, Patty Barnes is running for NPCG President. We're really proud of her and we bet her brand new grand-daughter is too! Congrats to Patty and her family on the newest clayer in the Barnes bunch.

In the next two months, I will be updating and revising the long-term pcPolyzine business plan and invite each of you to send me your comments and suggestions on what you'd like to see in the next year. I already know most of you want more tutorials and I am happy to work with those of you who might want to explore becoming published. Our ezine is a good place to get your feet wet if you have aspirations toward being a writer. Contact me at Publisher@pcPolyzine and we can brainstorm.

Again, I am shamelessly asking you to consider subscribing to It's All About the Clay, our monthly email newsletter that focuses on profiting from your polymer clay hobby. You can read the premiere issue (June 2004) in the September pcPolyzine by following this link:

Remember, this newsletter is just one way of supporting pcPolyzine so it can continue to be offered at no charge. The newsletter is just $12 for 12 issues, and no matter when you subscribe, you will receive all the back issues since we began publishing in June (2004).

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Enjoy the cooler days and write to me if you get a chance.

Your polyclay pal,
Jeannie Havel
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