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December 2005


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Noodly Stuff
An Artist Interview
By Marty Woosley

A Tutorial

By Nancy Lotzer and Marty Woosley

Expression Magazine Cover July/Aug 2005If you have seen the cover of Expression magazine, July/August 2005, then you have seen the work of Nancy Lotzer.  I am sure you were drawn in by the beautiful Spiral Bowls Nancy created for the article. If you haven’t seen them, be sure and search out a copy of the magazine.  Nancy has created a new technique and shares it here for pcPolyzine. She told me that pcPolyzine has given her so much information that she wants to give something back.   

I met Nancy a couple of years ago through the North Texas Polymer Clay Guild www.NTPCG.org.  She is a very creative and talented lady who loves to experiment and create new techniques. Nancy lives in Farmers Branch, Texas. 

Here is a short interview with Nancy before she shares her Noodly Stuff!

How did you get started with polymer clay? 

My sister-in-law, Teresa, got me interested in pc.  She loaned me her pasta machine and a blade and off I went into full blown pc obsession. I have played with polymer clay for three years.

Do you have favorite techniques? 

I'm still exploring the possibilities of pc noodly stuff.  I've made chains and braids and other doodly things with this stuff since I wrote the original article.

Anyone in particular influence you? 

No, not any one person.  I like to experience everything. I find inspiration everywhere; art shows and museums, glass shops, children's books, fabric catalogs, etc.

Professionally - do you have other people who work with you (employees -
consultants - designers - etc)?

My sons and husband think that they "help" me by stopping by my studio (that would be the kitchen counter next to the refrigerator!) and kibitzing my works in progress.

What are your future plans? 

I fully intend to buy lots more clay and clay toys and spend hour after hour playing clay.  Maybe I'll cook a meal or two for my kibitzers now and then. I've heard through the pc grapevine that ovens can also be used for cooking meals.  I'll have to try that when I don't have anything else going.

Do you accept commissioned work? 

Yes, I am currently working on a set of swirly bowls and also ornaments for a member of the Daughters of the Confederacy.

Nancy can be reached by email at: n_lotzer@hotmail.com.