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Embellishments by Patti

By Jeannie Havel                                                                          July 2005
Edited for republication online May 2014.
Patti Stoll Ocean Embellishment KitPolymer clay opens a whole new world of opportunity for anyone looking for unique additions to scrapbook pages, handmade cards, altered books, and other personalized art. Polymer clay allows us to mix our own color palette and employ a wide range of techniques to create truly one-of-a-kind artistic treasures. Too busy to make treasures of your own? Patti Stoll would be happy to make them for you, and you can even specify custom colors and designs.

Patti Stoll Asian Embellshment Kit"Embellishments by Patti" evolved about a year and a half ago when Patti Stoll, a northwestern Washington state multimedia artist, was trying to decide on items she could make and sell online that weren't being done yet. She says she went back to the original reason she began working in polymer clay, which was to use it to make embellishment items for collage work, cards, and other projects. "I started envisioning different projects that I, myself, would like to do (someday) and the color-coordinated theme kits were born. Because of the growing interest in Scrapbooking and Altered Books, I also brainstormed to come up with different alphabet sets that could match my kits.  My focus was to create something that wasn’t already available," she continues, "especially from the large companies, making huge quantities of things, sold at the large chain stores.  I wanted to create and offer items that could be used by and inspire other people in their own creative projects."  

Patti Stoll Alphabet SetIn addition to the unique look and style of her designs, Patti notes, "One thing that makes my alphabet sets popular is that I am willing to customize, for people, what letters come in the sets, if they provide me a list.  I also take custom requests from them as to which embellishing items to include in their kit, but I find most people really like the 'surprise' style package I offer.  I had extensive customer service training over the years for the 'regular' jobs I held, and have applied it to my own business.  I really do love working with people and making sure they are happy. "

Patti Stoll Southwest Embellishment KitPatti says she loves doing ancient-look type pieces that involve using imitative techniques, carving and antiquing.  She is very drawn to ancient aboriginal art from around the world, especially the desert Southwest and Oceania regions. Her work has been influenced by a long list of well-known polymer clay artisans who use ancient and imitative techniques in their work.

So what does the future hold for Patti? "I plan to continue growing my business online, adding new theme kits and increasing my 'home embellishing' (functional art) items, as well.  For the alphabet sets, I plan to debut Patti Stoll Red Rock Alphabet Setsome new ones this fall that, like my Sedona Red Rock and Oregon Dunes Sand alphabets that will be made from materials gathered from famous places.  This last April, I went to Sedona, Arizona for the specific purpose of collecting red dirt for that alphabet set, which I incorporate into translucent clay.  I especially want to focus on creating items that go with a nature theme and the feel of natural materials.  My other passion in life is plants and gardening, and I want to add more items that celebrate nature."

Like many of us in the polyclay business, Patti Stoll is a one-person operation. From making the items for each order, to shipping, to building her own store website,  to running eBay auctions, she says she has her hands full.  Currently, she also conducts an open market once a week, locally. You can see more of Patti's unique embellishments, and place orders, on her website at: www.embellishments-by-patti.com [Link disabled]

Editor's Note: Patti has moved on from her custom embellishments business. Today, you can find her happily sharing snippets of her life on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/patti.kutz.stoll

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