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Scrapbooking with Polymer Clay:
g Dad

A Tutorial
By Linda Hess
Linda Hess is a mixed media artist who especially enjoys working with polymer clay. Each month we will feature a new scrapbook page designed by Linda using polymer clay embellishments. 

Scrapbook Page Heart EmbellishmentHow-to for scrapbook page:
Part 1: Clay Embellishments

Materials & Directions for Hearts:

  • Premo! Sculpey and Sculpey III clay in colors of your choice (I used 1/2oz Premo White #5001 and 1/4oz Sculpey III Lavendar #312)
  • Shade-Tex Linen texture sheet
  • 1” heart-shaped cutter
  • pasta machine (#1 = widest setting)
1. Condition clay in your choice of color for heart and roll through pasta machine progressively from #1 through #4.

2. Spritz texture sheet with water (or run under faucet shaking off excess water). Lay #4 clay sheet on texture sheet.
Scrapbook Heart Embellishments
3. Run through pasta machine on #4.  Peel clay off texture sheet.

4. Cut out 4 hearts.  Bake at 275°F for 15 minutes.

Designer’s Note
: To save time on your next project cut out hearts from the remaining sheet of textured clay until it has been used up.  Bake, cool, and store away for future use.

Scrapbook Page Father SentimentMaterials & Directions for Father Sentiment:
  • Premo! Sculpey clay in your colors of choice
  • Shade-Tex African texture sheet (found in the cultural set)
  • StampaRosa #F11-247 rubber stamp (“A Father is…”)
  • Ancient Page coal black ink by Clearsnap, Inc
  • Acrylic roller
  • Kemper heart-shaped cutter
1. Condition clay in color of choice for the base (I used 1oz of mixed blues + 1/2oz Purple #5513 + a pea-sized ball of Black #5042).  Roll through pasta machine progressively from #1through #4.

2. Spritz texture sheet with water. Lay #4 clay sheet on texture sheet.

3. R
oll through pasta machine on #3 (because this is a thicker texture sheet you must dial the pasta machine back one thickness for it to go through properly).  Peel clay off texture sheet. Cut as shown in picture following lines on the texture.

4. Condition a lighter shade of clay (I used 1/2oz White #5001 + 2 pea-sized balls of Purple #5513).  Roll through pasta machine from #1 through #5.

5. Apply ink to rubber stamp and stamp clay.  Let ink dry.

6. Place sheet of clay in freezer for about 10 -15minutes.  Remove from freezer and tear edges as shown.  Place sentiment on top of background texture and roll gently in place.

7. Condition a small amount of Sculpey III Tomato Red #1685.  Roll through pasta machine on #5.  Cut out hearts using smallest Kemper heart cutter.  Place over stamped hearts.

8. Bake at 275°F for 30-45min.

Scrapbook Page Sun EmbellishmentMaterials & Directions for Sun:

  • 1/2oz each Premo! Sculpey in Pearl #5101 and Cadmium Yellow #5572
  • Polyform Art Doll Faces mold
  • 3” circle cutter
  • seed beads
  • gold Liquid Sculpey clay

1. Condition equal parts of pearl and yellow clays. Mix together. Roll through pasta machine on #1 through #4. 

2. Cut a 3” circle using circle cutter.

3. Make a 5/8” ball from the extra mixed clay.  Choose a face from the mold (I used the round medium-sized face).  Press clay into mold, flattening back of clay as you push.

4. Pop face out of mold and place off center on the 3” circle.  (Note: be sure the face isn’t too thick or the sun will be too heavy for your page.  Face thickness can be adjusted by using a smaller ball of clay).

5. With a blade or straight-edge tool cut triangles out of the 3” circle making your way all the way around.  Use your fingers to smooth points and give each a curve/movement.

6. Add seed beads for eyes.

7. Using a toothpick, paint details onto your sun using Liquid Sculpey.  Use your imagination while detailing -- add lines, dots, squiggles, etc.

8. Bake at 275°F for 30-45min.