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Scrapbooking with Polymer Clay - Page 2
A Tutorial
By Linda Hess
Scrapbook Letter EmbellishmentsMaterials & Directions for Letter Blocks:
  • Premo! Sculpey White #5001
  • ColorBox Fluid Chalk “Blossom Pastels” by Clearsnap, Inc
  • Sponge tip make-up brush
  • Liquid Sculpey (if desired)

1. Condition white clay.  Roll a pea-sized ball of clay and press into mold flattening the back as you press.  Slide a blade across the mold, then pop the letter out.  Continue process until all of the letters have been molded.

2. To color, use a sponge tipped make-up brush to apply chalk (I bought mine at the $$ store!).  Pat the brush across your choice of color (I used Blue Iris), then apply to top surface of each letter. Continue until all letters have been colored.

3. Bake at 275°F for 15-30min.  Let cool.

4. If desired, lightly brush clear Liquid Sculpey clay over surface of each letter for a shiny finish.  Rebake for another 15-30min.

Scrapbook Page CompletedPart 2: Assembling page (use image at right as a guide)

Materials & Directions for base page:

  • Paper from Karen Foster Design (#60122 Sea Breeze)
  • Lt blue vellum
  • Purple vellum #V12-11 by It Takes Two
  • White sheet of paper (as wide as lt. blue vellum)
  • Rubber stamps by All Night Media (Celestial #2403R)
  • ColorBox Fluid Chalk “Blossom Pastels” palette by Clearsnap, Inc
  • Coal Black Ancient Page ink by Clearsnap, Inc
  • Glue Dots (Mini & Memory dots)
  • Fiskers wavy edge scissors
  • Lavendar mini fasteners/brads
  • Zig Writer in Pure Black (MS-6600)

Celestial Stamped Border1. Use celestial spiral stamp to stamp a border around the entire edge with Blue Iris fluid chalk.

2. Cut one 3 ½” strip and two 2” strips from the purple vellum.  Use Mini Glue Dots in the corners to attach strips to the blue background as shown (Note: I had to cut each strip in half for the edges of the purple vellum to meet the edge of the blue paper.  Seams are hidden under the other elements as they are added).

3. Place Lt. Blue vellum over white paper.  Use wavy blade scissors to cut length of paper. Measure 3-4” away from first cut and cut again, parallel to first wavy cut. 

4. Using Zig marker, write in your journal entry (I put a piece of lined paper underneath to keep the lines straight). 

5. Attach the 2 sheets together using Mini Glue Dots in the corners. Attach journaling to the blue base page using more Glue Dots.

6. Top with one fastener in each corner (as shown).

7. Position photo using the Mini Glue Dots in the corners.  Add textured hearts to corners using the larger Memory Glue Dots.

8. Position sun, Father sentiment, and lettering.  When you are satisfied with the arrangement, add Memory Glue Dots to the back of each piece and press into place.  (Note: The sun and sentiment will take multiple dots to hold in place. I put six dots on each).

9. Add stamped squiggles where shown using Blue Iris Fluid Chalk.

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These additional images are for reference when assembling page.

Textured Clay Sheet
Scrapbook Page Torn Edge
Scrapbook Journaling