Monet Cane Revisited
By Mia Rox

For a list of materials and the beginning steps, see the Monet Cane lesson in the April issue of Polyzine. All four of these canes will start out with the basic cane shown here.
Cane 1:
This cane is very much like the original Monet Cane, except you flip the slices around so they alternate. The bottom right-hand slice of this cane is merely more square. The bottom left-hand slice is the same, only more rectangular. I rather like the way it curves, but of course either is fine.
Cane Two:
Smash and run your cane through your pasta machine the same way you did in the original Monet Cane lesson.
Take a sheet of white clay and run it through your pasta machine at a thin setting (#6 on an Atlas). Trim the white sheet to a long rectangle. Take your Monet strip and cut into pieces and lay across the white sheet.
Run your brayer across the whole piece once you have finished laying the Monet strips on it. You could even run the clay through your pasta machine on the thickest setting if you choose to.
Then roll up the strip into a jellyroll.
Cane Three:
For this cane, you mash the cane in the opposite direction. Instead of the colors lining up vertically, they will line up horizontally. Then proceed to mash and send the cane through your pasta machine and stack as you did for the original Monet Cane.
Cane Four:
This one is just a bit different. Instead of turning the cane so it is diamond shaped, you will leave it square. Flatten the cane so the stripes run diagonally. Then run the clay through your pasta machine at the thickest setting. Fold the clay in half and stack, then cut the fold off. Cut in half and stack again. Do this once more.


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