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pcPolyzine Copyright & Reprint Notice

Please respect the use of our copyrighted material. 

Polymer Clay Polyzine (pcPolyzine) retains all rights to tutorials, articles, instructions, text, and images on our website. You may print them for your own personal use but not for commercial purposes. You must receive written permission from us to use any of the materials on our website for commercial uses or to reprint in any other publication, either print or electronic including the Internet or for any type of distribution. Videos are covered under the Creative Commons Attribution License in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Tutorials and Designs
The tutorials and design projects on the pcPolyzine website are copyrighted. If there is a project you would like to use, you may make as many pieces of it as you like, for yourself, for sale, or to give as gifts. You may alter them slightly, significantly, or not at all. It is the instructions themselves (text, images, and illustrations) to which we hold the rights.

If you are a teacher or polymer clay guild, you may use our tutorials in your classes and workshops or meetings as long as you credit pcPolyzine and do not remove the source information from your handouts.

Text, Images, and Illustrations
All photographs, text, illustrations and other images on our website are the property of pcPolyzine. If you wish to use these images
for any reason, you must request and receive written permission from us first. In most cases, we are happy to help you promote your work and will most likely grant permission upon request. Please contact us with inquiries and requests for permission.

Website Use
If you would like to reprint portions of our website on your website, you must contact us first! It is likely that we will grant permission and will just ask you to credit the source by adding a note saying the information is from pcPolyzine.

With your request, be sure to include:

Your name and business name
The nature of your project
The information or images you wish to use
Where you will use our materials
The period of time you want to use our materials


Email: publisher@pcPolyzine

Postal Address:  6130 Little Foxes Run Columbia, Maryland 21045 USA 

Telephone: 910-273-0279

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