December 2001
Volume 2, Issue 12
Quick Polymer Covered Push-Pins
by Marty Woosley

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You will need:
  • Wooden push-pins (I found mine in the framing area of a craft store)
  • 20 mm round wooden beads
  • Candle cup " x 5/8" wood shop turnings (the one on the right in the picture above)
  • Sobo glue
  • Clay of your choice and canes to match or work with your clay
  • A drill bit the size of the cut end of the push-pin (with the candle cups, I didn't have to drill out the hole)

Step 1

Cut off the top end of the push pin. I used old scissors and just rocked them back and forth and pinched it off.

Step 2

Place bead in a vise and tighten gently and drill ( with bit that is the same size as the push pin) completely through the bead.

Step 3

Put some Sobo glue into the hole of the bead.

Place the cut end of the push pin into the bead hole. Also brushed Sobo glue completely over the wooden bead to prime the surface. Let dry.

Step 4

Roll enough clay on #4 in pasta machine to cover the bead. I cut the clay into a circle larger than necessary to cover the bead.

Step 5

Decorate with canes to your liking or cover clay with foil and place transparent lace cane over foil. See picture. Design possibilities are endless!

Bake at 265 degrees for 30 minutes. Sand and polish as desired. This is a great way to use of all of those old canes we have laying around.

I would love to get a box of fancy push-pin!

If you are inspired by this article, please send me some pictures or