Quick Bracelet Sets

By syndee holt



Yeah! These are quick and cool looking!! The best part is that they are made with my favorite bracelet trick - an empty soda can. (I did another version on Carol Duvall, which should air SOMETIME in 2001).



Okay, what do we need?


  1. Make a #1 sheet of black clay that is about the diameter of the soda can. Cut this sheet into 3 strips. (See my strips of texture?)

  3. Texture each strip with a different texture or the same if you wish -- whatever pleases you!

  5. Now cut a thin strip of each texture. I cut mine about 1/4 inch wide, but you can vary the width of each one. Cut an angle in one end of the first strip and start to lay it around the can. Curve the strip up and down to give curve shapes to the finished bracelet.

    Lay the end of the strip over the start and cut a matching angle to butt the ends up. Lightly rub this joint together and use the top of your fingernail to smooth it further on the edges. (See the curves in the bracelets?)


  7. Lay the next two strips in the same manner, following the curves of the first strip as best you can.

  9. Apply your Pearl-X colors with your finger, rubbing the powders in well, but don't damage the texture!

  11. Bake according to package directions and allow to cool in the oven. By the way, if you didn't wash your can out before you used it, you will smell the soda sugar burning! Root beer smells pretty good, actually!



To remove the baked, cooled bracelets from the can you can just grasp each end of the can and twist - the can will crumple and you can slide your new set of bracelets off!!




You can finish with a little sealer of your choice - I tend to use Future floor wax - BEFORE I REMOVE FROM CAN.


Oh, one more thing - if you find that the soda can isn't the right diameter for your wrist, spend a little time in the canned foods aisle at the store and you'll find something just right. One of those fancy can openers will remove the top, as well as the lip of the can (Hey Dad, can I use your cool can opener again???)



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