Editor's Letter   

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our new home!

We are pleased to have purchased our own domain name and loads more space.  We can now publish even more projects and articles with lots of pictures without fear of running out of space!

WEBTV users:  there seems to be a bit of a problem getting into Polyzine every month for webtv users.  I don't know what the problem is, but I do know that people are getting in by using "back doors"; in other words, they are typing in a Polyzine address other than the home page.   If you are trying to get into Polyzine and you can't come through the front door, try this:  www.pcpolyzine.com/[monthyear]/editor.html

For [monthyear] type in the current month and year:  February2001, March2001, etc.

Since we have a letter from the editor every month, this address will always be active.

Happy claying!

Deirdre F Woodward

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