Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor:

Can you tell me where I might find directions for making pillow beads? Thanks,


Dear Denise:

I have no idea! I'm not sure I know what a pillow bead is! Readers! Can you help us out?


Hi there!

I love your e-zine and can't wait for each issue.

As librarian for the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild, I'd like a  printer-friendly version of pcPolyzine to share with those members who don't
use a computer. I tried printing out the Chrysanthemum Cane article, it's 8  pages! If that's my only option, I'll take it, but I'm hoping there's some
other choice.

Again, thanks for the e-zine. I'd pay for a subscription in a second - just  please don't stop putting it out.

Thanks so much.

Anne Winterton

Dear Anne:

Thanks for the feedback. Did the article take eight pages because of the pictures? Or was there another reason?

Readers: are you having similar problems? Would you like a printer-friendly option (with no pictures)? We will, over the coming months, experiment with our technology and see what we can do.

In the meantime, keep reading!



Can you direct me to a good site for beginners. Also, how do you condition the clay. I have tried the Sculpey III and the regular Sculpey. The latter is the one I am having problems with. It will not soften!!

Thank you.


Dear Kim:

It really depends on what kind of work you want to do with the clay. If you want to make dolls, you can go to doll sites; if you want to make jewelry, you can go to jewelry sites, etc.

I have two sites I can recommend. The first one is Polymer Clay Central. Go to the message board, create an account for yourself, and look around. The second isn't a polymer clay site, but a site that can send you to polymer clay sites. Try The Draggle's Lair. Christy has compiled a long list of polymer clay links.

If anyone has another suggestion, e-mail us!

Regarding the Sculpey, regular Sculpey should be very malleable. It's probably old and dried out.  


  Dear Editor:

I live your ezine and I've been wondering if you would by chance be showing us how to do rock amulets? I've seen quite a few of them but never any instructions or even hints on how to make them.

Janine Benedict

Dear Janine:

The rock amulet is a much-loved item. We don't have a rock purse project on board yet, but I'm sure someone will offer to do one (someone! someone! if you are out there, write us!) soon.



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