Beginning Techniques
Using Buna Cord, O-rings, & Ballchain
By Dianne Cook

I will keep the chat to a minimum and let you take a look at some easy techniques that I use with buna cord, o-rings and ballchain.  First, check out how to make a loop and closure bead.

Making A Loop and Bead Closure


The loop and closure bead may be used at the neck for finishing your necklaces made with buna cord.  Or, if you prefer, you can make your neckcords long enough that they do not require a closure.  Simply put the neckcord over your head.  By doing this, you will be able to glue the buna ends directly into the pendant. 

O-Ring Knots

Here is a neat way to make an o-ring knot.  This necklace also uses loops through wire to hold the focus bead.








Ballchain Necklace

Here is one more technique!  This one makes a simple lariat necklace using o-rings and ballchain.






Covering Closures

One final technique was taught to me.  I just hated to use closures that didn't quite match the neckchain or beads, and this idea takes care of that problem.  Now, I have clasps that match my beads.



Have a terrific clay-filled month!

Dianne Cook



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