Varathane Dipping
By Elissa Powell
photography by Kyle Robertson

Dipping pendants

Slip one end of an opened paper clip through the loop or bail, and dip into the Varathane, covering completely. Hold it over the jar for about a minute to allow the excess Varathane to run back into the jar.

Hook the other end of the paper clip onto a shelf rack as shown. Use a piece of paper to dab the drippy tips. Do this to remove excess Varathane every ten minutes for the first half-hour. Drying time is approximately two hours.

When dipping pins or other objects without a loop for the paper clip, securely affixed the pin to a large screw using blue tacky putty. Dip the heart into the Varathane at an angle, and twist the screw between your fingers, so that the entire surface plus a portion of the rim on the back, is coated.
(see last picture for supplies)

Be careful to avoid the center of the back where the blue tack is attached. That will be where the pin back goes! Hold it over the jar for a minute or so, to allow most of the excess to drip back into the jar


Screw the screw into the foam board at about a 45-degree angle. Stop screwing when the heart is pointing downward. Dab those drippy tips every ten minutes for the first half hour, to help avoid unsightly dried-on half-drips


A row of drippy-tipped varathaned hearts, what a sight to behold!

Dipping tools

opened paper clips, 4-inch Phillips screws, blue tacky putty (one brand is Fun Tac. It is sold with office or school supplies as a removable adhesive to put up posters without tape.)

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