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Do you have an item you've created based on one of the articles or projects in pcPolyzine? We'd love to show off your artwork! Please e-mail us your gif or jpg, and we will feature it here in the Readers' Gallery!

Be sure to include your name, your project title, and the name of the article or project that inspired your piece.

We look forward to seeing the many beautiful and interesting items you are making!

Here's some lovely pieces from Vernon Sims, of Austin Texas. He writes:

These two beads and pendant were made using Dottie McMillan's tutorial on painted mokume gane. The pendant was covered with pieces of a free-form cane made with Premo Translucent With Bleach and very thin slices of black. Pieces of the painted mokume gane were applied to prepared beads and a pendant made exclusively of Premo Translucent With Bleach. All three were sanded, buffed, and varathaned. The depth and glasslike quality are remarkable. One can see deep within these pieces. That's what I most like about the technique.

Marcella Brooks submitted this great egg based on Elissa Powell's Tsunami Cane. She used cobalt blue, turquoise, white and silver clay with Diamond Dust ultra-marine blue glitter mixed in, from a previous project. Marcella writes, "Thanks to Elissa for such a fun and visually exciting technique!"

Thank you, Marcella, for sharing!

Marie-Laurence of near Paris, France, sent in this necklace she made. It's her third polymer clay necklace. Pretty nice!

Chris Lajoinie of Saint-Orens, France, sent in another picture of a beautiful necklace she made based on the mosaic cane from April. Chris sent this note as well:

This month, I decided to make a test with the technique of last month : mosa´c cane. The pic unfortunately does not show the transparency of the Fimo bright colors but these are translucent (mixture of Fimo 00 with just a little bit of saturated colors). Instead of using neutral colors for the grout, I have chosen Fimo red 29, to reduce the contrast and give the impression that the colors of the "mosa´c tiles" are floating. Little cuts of mosa´c have been smoothed with a brayer, and baked between tiles to enhance the shiny effect (method of P÷rr÷). Then , the Fimo pieces have been strung on tiger tail with seed beads and genuine gems (not polyclay faux...).

Great work, Chris!

Chris Lajoinie of Saint-Orens, France, sent us this photo of a beautiful necklace made of large, colorful beads with gold leaf and gems. Chris used little slices of Elissa Powell's chrysanthemum cane but applied gentle pressure to the credit card to get more precise stripes and more little petals. Chris also used bright colors instead of translucent clay.

Deirdre Woodward needed an idea for baby shower favors, so she adapted Dottie McMillan's Jellyroll Keyring to a pen, matched it with a Yankee Candle daffodil candle, and voila, had a thoughtful and practical baby shower gift!

Lucille Schacht sent us these photos of her Altoid Box bottom, vase, eggs and pendants she made using Elissa's Chrysanthemum Cane in pcPolyzine's December 2000 issue. Very interesting!

Kathy Gunning sent us this picture of her egg, which she made using Elissa's Chrysanthemum Cane in pcPolyzine's December 2000 issue. The detail is amazing!


The following heart pin was made by Sue Dial, who based her gorgeous work on Elissa's Chrysanthemum Cane in pcPolyzine's December 2000 issue.

The following pictures are all made by Anna Hill, who based her beautiful work on Elissa's Chrysanthemum Cane in pcPolyzine's December 2000 issue.