January 2002
Volume 3, Issue 1
Editor's Letter
by Deirdre F Woodward

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First, I went on holiday to New Orleans. Great city, great food, I was on crutches, long story short, I shot 11 rolls of film, and came home on December 31.

When I got home, I realized I was tired (from the anxiety pill -- I hate to fly), so I thought, I'll just do it in the morning. No one will mind if Polyzine is several hours late.

The next morning, my scanner didn't work. Then, into the afternoon, my computer stopped working too. I spent two or three days figuring this all out, when my Internet access shut down (then up then down then up then down).

$500 later, I have a new scanner (and printer, copier, mouse, USB hub, and software, I might add!). I think my Internet access has stablized (the whole Comcast rollover from Excite). I have edited articles to publish. I think we are there!

Of course, this had to be the issue in which we announce we are paying our authors for their work and taking advertising in Polymer Clay Polyzine. We so wanted to create an aura of professionalism!

We are paying our authors competitive rates for well-written, well-detailed articles and projects. We are offering our advertisers strategically placed low-tech (no animation, no pop-ups) spaces to vend their wares. We hope it will all come together as planned so Polyzine can increase its position as a valuable resource to the polymer clay community in the years to come.

Enjoy this new issue, and thank you ever so much for your patience.

Deirdre F Woodward

p.s. If you haven't yet visited the hobbit name generator, tell them Camellia Brockhouse of the Loamsdown Brockhouses sent you.