Hi everyone!

Welcome to June, my favorite month. School's out for the summer, everything is blooming and looks beautiful, the weather is warm, and my birthday is right around the corner.

Polyzine is blooming and looking beautiful, too! We've got some great projects this month. We've also gotten some inquiries about sending us projects. We'd love to publish your project! Just e-mail us with your project idea.

We'd also welcome some more regular columnists. We had some people have to disband their monthly column, so right now, we have some openings for columnists. If you are interested in writing our techniques column, our kid's column, or any other kind of regular column, e-mail us!

What else. June's also the month of Muse, which starts the second week of June. I'll be up there with my camera and notepad, so for those of you going, I'll be glad to meet you, and for those of you not going, we will have coverage of the event in July's magazine.

For those of you in the Northeast region, June is also the month of the MAFA Conference, which will be held at Towson University this year. I am thrilled to be signed up for three workshops. I will get pictures from that conference also.

Enjoy this month's mag, seriously consider becoming a regularly contributing columnist, and have a great month!



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