Strollin' Around
the 2001 MDPAG Retreat

In April, I attended the Metro Detroit Polymer Artists Guild's 2001 Retreat. Whew!! And, WOW!! The talent at this retreat takes my breath away. Rather than talk about it though, I will give an 'eye-candy' treat. Enjoy this stroll around the room, meet some of the artists and have a taste of the art that they displayed!

MDPAG President Brenda Roberts

Kathy D. (Mamadude)

Jeanne Comport

Julia Sober

Becky Green

Anita Behnens

Georgana G. (Geo)

Dorthy Greynolds

Dorothy Greynolds

Karen W.

Leigh Ross tempted us with Dinko Beasties!!

Lynda Struble


Mary Jo's figures

Kim Arden, ever creative, begins her 'fire series'.

Sue Kelsey keeps us all hopping

Lynda Struble


Tammy Sims & Snowmen!

Geo, Nuchi & Donna

Meghan W. and her mother, Theresa W.

Meghan W.'s work

Valerie K.'s pendant, watch, and bracelet.

Sorry, I don't know who this is!

Trina's work

Donna Kato

Have a clay-filled month!!
Dianne Cook

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