November 2001
Volume 2, Issue 11
Editor's Letter

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Happy Birthday dear Polyzine, Happy Birthday to us!

Can you believe it's been a whole year?

We started with nothing but an idea and a handful of eager volunteers. I didn't know a thing about ordering a domain name or getting web space. People on the Polymer Clay Interest list offered us suggestions, and $35 later, we owned a domain name and had a web site!

We've gone through some makeovers (several!), adjusted the sizes of the fonts -- I think it was Irene Dean who commented that she could read the Table of Contents from across the room -- and used suggestions from Erum (thanks, Erum!) to streamline the site's appearance.

Every month, we wait on pins and needles for people to send in submissions, and every month, they seem to appear almost by magic. We've never lacked in content. I am so appreciative of all of you who have shared so much, for free, with the magazine and our readership.

We currently have a mailing list of over 550 people, and our website is visited more than 10,000 times a month. I am so amazed and proud that we are meeting a need in the community.

So an exciting, amazing, and productive year is under our belt. I wonder what the next year will bring?

I can't wait to find out!