November 2001
Volume 2, Issue 11
Hawaiian Patriotism

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I just wanted to share a photo of the pins I made to help my daughter, Mari, raise money for the children of the horrible tragedies on the East Coast. I used red, white & blue FIMO clay with tropical flowers.

We just wanted to send our "flowers of Aloha" in hopes that they might bring a smile in the midst of our sadness.

One hundred percent of the proceeds were donated to the American Red Cross to benefit the children, who, according to my daughter, will have to live with this sadness the rest of their lives. I am happy to say that at a two-day craft fair, we sold enough pins to raise $800!

I am so blessed with my two children, aged 14 & 16. They are a constant reminder that they are the hope of our nation.

Lani Chun